About us

Shared Innovation

True to our guiding principle, we share a concern with you our partners to find the optimal solution for you.

As a distributor with 30 years of orthopedic experience, we focus on the following topics:

Customer Service

The customer is important to us. Impeccable service and a high level of customer satisfaction is the order of the day our top priority.


Only thanks to your trust and your loyalty is it possible to have long-term business relationships enter into. Together with our international partners we are looking for your optimal Solution.


As an SME we can respond to your needs very quickly and reliably thanks to our efficiency received. Our decentralized location also offers a logistically excellent Starting position, because the important traffic axes are in the immediate vicinity.

Innovation and simplicity

Under the concept of “shared innovation” it is our goal for the customers to offer industry-relevant support and service, currently and in the future on the market are in demand.